The 5 Most Effective Types of Facebook Ads To Promote Your Business

Facebook has the strongest advertising platform with the highest online presence worldwide. And best of all, it’s the most cost-effective way to market your brand to the world.

So you want to advertise your business through Facebook Advertising? Good idea. Facebook has the strongest advertising platform with the highest online presence worldwide. And best of all, it’s the most cost-effective way to market your brand to the world.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Great! Sign me up!” but it’s not something you want to dive into head first. First, you’ll have to figure out what your overall objective is for your Facebook campaign. Every business has its own advertising objective as to how you should present your brand to your audience. Whether it be promoting your page, sending people to your website or simply more conversions, there are many ways to advertise your brand with an ad that meets your end goal. Below, I’ve listed the different types of Facebook ads available to promote your message and fulfill your objective.

Carousel Ads

Also known as Dynamic Product Ads, DPAs are sort of the underdog of all ads because not many businesses are utilizing this type of ad to its full potential. Carousel ads are great if you have multiple products you want to showcase all at once, or if you have just one product and want to highlight its individual features. Bonus points if you use your creative mind to make each carousel ad a piece of a whole. These kind of ads are highly effective with great images, creative content and storytelling. The trick here, however, is to make your content noticeable enough to your audience because these kind of ads require high interactivity to get the message across. Having to grab the attention of your audience with one ad is hard enough… try it with three or four. But if you can skillfully master the art that is carousel ads, then you have yourself a Winner!

Video Ads

Want to go viral? Then take out your camera and start shooting! Almost all of what shows up on your newsfeed will more than likely be shared video content, which is why so many businesses are going the next mile from using just a plain image to using a more highly engaging video. Bonus points if you can have text overlay included in your video. Video ads cut to the chase and grab the attention of your audience almost immediately. These kind of ads are great if you want to show off your product and all of its cool features instead of relying on the words above your image. The main objective with video ads is to boost engagement by giving your viewers enjoyable content to watch and respond to. The only downside to having your viewers hooked on your video ad is that it’s not too effective for sending traffic to your website or converting into sales. Viewers are unable to click through like a normal ad would if they wanted to be redirected to your landing page. Video ads put a pause on sending traffic to your landing page but reach a great amount of people, so you have to pick and choose here.

Lead Generation Ads

The ultimate player, this ad is known for getting people’s names and numbers easily. If you’re planning on doing any giveaways, events or want to collect leads for a product or service, then this is the one for you. Lead generation ads are usually more cost effective in collecting leads than a standard ad redirecting your traffic to a landing page. No longer will you lose leads from a landing page with this handy dandy ad. Facebook makes the signup process as easy as possible with their autofill forms, and if you need more information than the standard form, you can just customize it. Overall, the less people have to do, the higher the probability they’ll convert, and lead generation ads are known to be the king of conversions.

Right Rail Ads

The name says it all. These are fun-sized ads located on the right column of your newsfeed but they are only shown to desktop users. Right rail ads are extremely effective in sending traffic, and show higher conversion rates compared to standard ads. Formatting is a little different for Right Rail ads with more limitations on word count, but if you’re able to convey your message with minimal wording and tag team it with an engaging photo, then the rest is history! They have little to no competition for placement and display themselves multiple times a day leaving them with an outstanding CPM.

Standard Ad

Standard.. traditional… regular ad…. whatever you may call this one, this is the gateway to all of Facebook advertising. This standard format is good for every purpose and fulfills every objective. So what’s the con here? EVERYONE DOES IT. The competition for standard newsfeed ads are higher and and impressions rates are lower than most. They key here is to find a way to make users stop scrolling and spend a few seconds glancing at your ad. The trick to having a high performing ad in this style is to optimize it in all angles and differentiate your ad from the rest of the competition. Whether it be the use of emojis, hashtags, great images, text overlay in images, a super effective call to action, etc., the combinations are endless!

After reading through all these wonderful options, you may come to find yourself torn between more than one option. That’s normal. Truthfully, there isn’t just one way to market your brand online, and using any of these variations of ads will meet your overall objective, which is to be successful. Paid placement should be an important part of every internet marketing campaign, and if you’re looking for a solution on how to better reach your audience with improved Facebook advertising skills, you can reach out to our specialized team here.

Posted By:EziAgent Henry

Author: Enventys Partners